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Joseph Simon is a manager and leader who empowers teams working at the State and Local levels of government in the provision of grants management solutions. Having served clients at the federal, state, and local levels, he has cultivated a deep understanding of emergency management policy and regulation as well as of pervasive issues related to grants monitoring and compliance. Joseph uses that experience to train teammates on complex policy issues and challenges them to think deeply about legislative intent as well as the implications of implementation.

Joseph’s experience is complemented by a broad knowledge of grants as a tool of governance, as well as their financial accounting and reporting requirements. He has worked on dozens of grants within all stages of the grant lifecycle, which has given him a unique perspective on how to overcome common obstacles from Pre-Award to Close-Out. Having worked for clients who award, administer, and receive grant funding has enabled Joseph to anticipate difficulties and assist clients in overcoming them using best practices from across the industry. He holds Masters’ Degrees in Public Administration and in International Affairs from Syracuse University and is both a Certified Government Financial Manager and Certified Grants Management Specialist.

His interests include the role of civil society in poverty alleviation and the study of conflict resolution.